Grab & Go Wound Care Pack (#625)

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Grab & Go Sport Wound Care Pack

When an injury occurs, stop the panic looking for needed first aid supplies. Simply use the Fyrst USA Pre-Packed Sport Wound Care Pack for quick, easy, and very adequate response to wound care.

When a cut, scrape or abrasion requires more than a bandage, the Pre-Packed Sport Wound Care Pack is a first aid supply your first aid kit or sport medical kit needs, but probably does not have.

Each Sport Wound Care Pack is in an easy-open clear plastic bag, along with a Wound Care Instruction Card and the emergency first aid supplies needed to:

  • Protect the Wound Care Provider ( Gloves Latex-Free, Antimicrobial Skin Wipes, Infectious Waste Bag)
  • Stop the Bleeding ( Gauze Pads, Self Adhering Wrap)
  • Relieve Pain and Guard Aainst Infection ( Triple Anibiotic Ointment, Antimicrobial Skin Wipes, Infectious Waste Bag)

    Important- Get professional medical help for all wounds and sports injuries as soon as possible!



"My name is Dr. Richard Briles and I want to compliment you on your Sports First Aid Kit. I love it. As an emergency physician by specialty and a youth athletic coach on nights and weekends, I'm qualified to critique your product and I think it's fabulous. Definitely the best one I've ever used."
Richard Briles, MD
Scripps Hospital,
San Diego,CA

Key Features:

  • For Instant Response w/o searching your kit for individual items
  • In Baggy w/ 9-Step Instruction Card.
  • Gloves, gauze, anti-micro towelettes( for MRSA and Handwashing), first aid cream, non-adherent pad
  • Self-adhering wrap and Bio-Bag with tie for disposal
  • Helps you to always be ready!
  • Special Price: $8.25 includes free shipping.